Level III - Commissioned Security

  • Firearms Qualifications
  • Less lethal defensive tactics
  • Use of force laws, rules and regulations
  • OC Baton and Handcuffing
  • State exam 
  • Verbal command and descalation 
  • Pressure point control hold
  • Continue Education 

Level III (Commission)


Free Gun Rental




In order to receive your Level III Certificate, you will need to complete 45 hrs in this course. These are the requirements and there are no exceptions. If you have any additional questions regarding any of these requirements, you can contact Texas Dept. of Public Safety



OC, Baton, and Handcuffing class will be included in our Level III course.



Texas Requirements:

  • 21 yrs. old
  • No class A misdemeanors or convictions within the last 10 yrs
  • No class B arrest or conviction within the last 5 yrs
  • No Felonies within the last 20 yrs
  • Must be mentally competent
  • No history of substance abuse or addiction
  • Military, must be honorably discharged
  • You must pay your registration fee
  • Must complete the 45 hr. Course
  • Must complete the Texas Level II Course

Training Subjects:

  • Firearms Safety
  • Firearms Proficiency
  • Use of Force
  • Laws Concerning Commissioned Security Officers
  • Handcuffing *
  • Baton *
  • OC Training (pepper spray) *

 * you will recieve your OC, Baton, and Handcuffing training and card at NO additional charge


Items to be brought to class:

  • Note taking materials
  • Pistol (If you do not have one, you can use one of ours/ammunition not included)
  • 50 rounds of pistol ammunition (ammunition is available for purchase here at the range)
  • Optional : Shotgun Training ($20 extra range time charge)
  • Optional: 9 rounds of 12 gauge "00" buckshot ammunition (Ammunition is available for purchase here at the range)

We provide one free target and  free range use.
         * There is a  firearm rental fee.  Ammunition is not included.



Texas Level IV - Personal Protection Officer (Two Day) Course


This is a 15 hour (two consecutive days) Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau's (PSB) Level IV Personal Protection Officer (PPO) course. It fulfills the State of Texas training requirements of the PSB for a Personal Protection Officer License. In order to recieve your Level IV Certificate you must have completed Level II and Level III first.


Subjects Covered:

  • Options in Personal Protection
  • Comprehensive Protection Planning
  • Coordination with local Authorities
  • Building a Client Profile
  • Rings of Protection
  • The Force Continuum
  • Unarmed Defensive Tactics
  • Oleo resin Capsicum Training
  • Private Security Act & Commission Rules
  • Texas Penal Code
  • Conflict Resolution & Avoidance
  • Public Perception
  • Arrest Authority
  • Use of Force & Deadly Force




The PSB Commission states that an applicant for a Personal Protection authorization must have been already issued a Level III Commission license.



We do not administer the Minnesota Multi Aphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) Test which is required before submitting a PPO registration PSB.


For more information on MMPI contact:


Dr. George Mount (972)458-8333 ext.227 

6750 Hillcrest Plaza Dr. 

Garland, TX


Dr. Julie Duncan (214)202-8575 

3112 N. Jupiter Rd. #203

Garland, TX 75044




 PPO Classes are every Wednesday & Friday.  Please call with any questions you may have.


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